Mushroom Farming 101

Alex Winstead of Cascadia Mushrooms will teach you everything you need to know to grow and sell 100 pounds of mushrooms per week.


Enroll in the 6 week course teaching you everything you need to know to grow and sell Mushrooms to your local market.

Week 1 - Know Your Products & Customers

Week 2 - Build Your Infrastructure, Acquire Your Tools & Materials

Week 3 - How to Grow High Quality Mushrooms

Week 4 - How to Harvest & Package

Week 5 - How to Get Customers

Week 6 - Create Your Plan


About Alex & Cascadia Mushrooms

Alex owns and operates Cascadia Mushrooms in Bellingham, Washington, USA. He has been in business since 2005.  The business grows and sells 1000 pounds of mushrooms each week and provides employment for 3 additional crew members.


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