Everything you need to optimize your own Passive Solar Greenhouse project. Rob Avis, professional engineer, developed and uses this tool for his clients to maximize their investment returns.

What's Included:

  • The Greenhouse Design Tool
  • 12 Step-by-Step Videos Detailing how to use the Design Tool
  • Passive Solar Greenhouses | A Do-It-Yourself Design Guide

The Passive Solar Greenhouse Design Tool

This is the exact spreadsheet tool that Rob uses to design Passive Solar Greenhouses for his customers. You will input data specific to your goals and climate and the tool will help you make help you optimize every dollar you invest in your design.

12 Step-by-Step Videos

1. Introduction to the Design Tool
2. Degree Days & USDA
3. Metric Extreme Min
4. Imperial Extreme Min
5. Day Length
6. Light Design
7. Energy Model
8. Thermal Mass Calculator
9. Subterranean Heating and Cooling
10. Heat Cost
11. Heat Loss & Cost Sheet
12. Reviewing the Report

Passive Solar Greenhouses E-Book

"A Do It Yourself Design Guide"


This 52-page e-volume is full of Rob’s practical, proven, step-by-step info for planning and building your own passive solar greenhouse. As a mechanical engineer and permaculture design consultant, he’s trained with world-famous experts in the field. He’s distilled that knowledge with his own real-world DIY experience (including mistakes to avoid!). With clear diagrams, easy terminology, and insiders’ tips, he gives all the essentials you need to get started.

How it works

The design tool takes you through the step by step process to make your greenhouse function optimally in your climate's context.

Step 1. Input your Local Climate Data

Step 2. Determine Your Energy Consumption

Step 3. Calculate Your Heat Loss & Heating Costs

Step 4.  Determine Your Thermal Mass Needs

Step 5. Optmize your Light Design

Step 6. Design your Subterranean Heating & Cooling System

Step 7. Review the Report

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Meet Rob

Rob Avis, PE, owns and operates Adaptive Habitat and Verge Permaculture in Calgary, AB.

He specializes in designing resilient infrastructure for clients who want to make their landscape productive and profitable.

He also is the instructor of the Passive Solar Greenhouse Design Course here at Small Farm Academy.


Watch a Sample Video: Video 2 of 12 - Degree Days & USDA


The Design Tool will Help You:

  • Site your greenhouse perfectly
  • Optimize the orientation for winter heating and summer cooling
  • Understand your site climate fully
  • Calculate the thermal mass needed
  • Determine how much glazing to have
  • Design your Subterranean Heating and Cooling System (Climate Battery)
  • Calculate your Heat Loss 
  • Determine how much insulation you will need




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