Complete Set of Greenhouse Drawings Specifically Designed for Food Production, Processing & Cold Storage

Get to Know the Greenhouse


What's Included

14 Full Architectural Drawings in 2 Formats (DWG) (PDF)

1) Title Sheet 
2) Perspective Drawings 
3) South Elevation
4) North Elevation
5) West Elevation
6) East Elevation
7) Main Floor Plan 
8) Foundation Plan
9) Section A
10) Section B
11) Truss Detail
12) Truss and Roof Sections
13) Earth Tube Details
14) Subterranean Heating and Cooling System 


Greenhouse Renderings

What Do I Need ?

Land Requirements: 

* Clear Southern Exposure 
* Flat Land approx. 50ft X 100Ft 
* Excavate-able soil
* Water Table below 10 Ft 

Access to: 
* A Structural Engineer to Approve/Modify Design Based on Local Conditions

About the Designer, Rob Avis

Rob Avis is a professional engineer in Calgary, Alberta who specializes in designing passive solar greenhouses and resilient homestead systems. 


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